Property with Code 'DO0966-TS' no Longer Available!

Property with Code 'DO0966-TS' no Longer Available!

Property with Code 'DO0966-TS' no Longer Available!
exclamation mark Property with Code "DO0966-TS" was withdrawn by its listing agent, on Tue, 28 Aug 12 07:03:45 +0000. Its details as at the time of withdrawal are shown below. These details were obtained from the Property Archive
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DO0966-TS: Residential Double Storey To Let in Karen

Newly built 4 bedrooms all ensuite Double Storey House sitting on a 0.5 acre plot.


2 Sunken Lounges, Spacious Kitchen with Pantry, Laundry Room and 2 ensuite Guest House. The house is almost complete

type:Residential Double Storey
location: in Karen
 withdrawn:Tue, 28 Aug 12 07:03:45 +0000
- 4 bedroom(s)KES 50 M
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