Ultima™ Property Information System

Ultima™ Property Information System

As businesses are evolving in the 21st century and beyond, marketing departments are now at the heart of any organization's drive for competitiveness in real estate; Creating and maintaining accurate and up to date information on property portfolios, acting as key decision support centers, and delivering more information to decision Ultima(tm) Property Information Database 2005 makers than ever before. The marketing department must now be prepared to respond rapidly to the organization's needs with a flexible and robust IT infrastructure that works well in a networked world, without coercing, limiting or impeding users.

The only way to meet this requirement is for applications to deliver a new level of flexibility for the organization, enabling separation of business logic from physical data and presentation formats, resulting in easier to manage property portfolios. In the face of ever increasing client demands and expectations, more time is spent on maintaining property portfolios than on concentrating on business logic to solve business problems.

The Ultima™ Property Information System

Ultima(tm) Property Information Database 2006 The Ultima™ Property Information System delivers a regional first! This locally-developed innovative information system successfully abstracts business logic from organizational dependencies, and information requirements using cutting-edge technology via an easily and readily configurable user interface.

The Ultima™ Perspective: More marketing departments in the Kenyan real estate industry are now better bound succeed with Ultima PID, because only Ultima PID radically simplifies usability, maintenance and support, while offering unparalleled functionality at an unbeatable price. With a series of firsts in the regional software industry Ultima PID is indeed the most successful enterprise information system for the real estate industry.

The new release of Ultima PID, introduces more innovations than all competitors combined have put into their products in the past 5 years. Here is to name a few:

  • Robust property search engine that is compatible to the award-winning search criteria found on propertykenya.com
  • A streamlined email transport infrastructure with In-built mailing capacity. Realtors can mail static reports property profiles, property listings or they can mail propertykenya.com search criteria directly from the system
  • Digital imaging features, with direct support for a wide range of USB digital cameras
  • In-built Customer Relations Management (CRM) system with ability to automatically scan the Property Database for new and updated entries on behalf of clients, and generate/send mail to clients of such changes
  • Microsoft Outlook style event scheduling with in-built calendar and event management system for enhanced workgroup collaboration
  • Multi-currency support, such that properties can be recorded in different/multiple currencies and searched on using one uniform currency with the day's prevailing exchange rate
  • Easy generation of typical Realtor documents including: property brochures, tenancy and lease agreements, sale letter of offers etc. The system is so versatile that you can even generate a mini magazine/newsletter
  • Full support for, and transparent auto-update of property listings on propertykenya.com or any other elected or similarly structured site
  • Image organization well integrated into Windows Explorer and the windows file system
  • Stylish reporting with WYSIWYG report preview presentation
  • Use of rich formatted text for data entry backed by live spell-checking in all user-data fields
  • Export of property information to Microsoft Excel and other popular data formats
  • Client/Server Architecture. Runs uniformly on desktop and network environments, even across operating systems including Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Automatic program self-updating logic over the internet
  • Comprehensive context sensitive online help
  • Unlimited creation of property records on industry strength SQL-hosted databases with tested data capacities well in excess of 20 gigabytes
  • Unparalleled local support, backed by a forward-thinking and innovative team at Synergy Systems Limited
The list goes on...

With Ultima PID, marketing departments can, at impromptu notice, rapidly deliver accurate enterprise-wide property portfolio information enabling more aggressive marketing and allowing decision makers to access key information on any property at any place at any time in a fast, robust, secure and manageable environment.

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